How to get a lean body?

Getting lean muscles is about working out, but most of all about cutting fats and your muscles pop out. When you are losing weight its 80% is nutrition and 20% physical activity.The best diet is the one you made for yourself. So if you want to start, here are some tips you could start with.

 Step one set your goal what you want to Lose weight or gain weight or maintain weight.

Step two, Avoid simple carbs and sugar.Take a quality multivitamin. And  Do strength training and HIIT

Step third, Lift heavy & increase cardio( jogging, cycling etc) to reduce the fat under the skin.

Step forth, if you really want to achieve your goal, you should calculate your macros intake per day (proteincarbsfats). Add green tea in your diet

Step five, Be accountable.Don’t cheat on your meal.

Good luck!

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