Do people who work hard really succeed in life?

Only working hard doesn’t do things happen. Yes, this is the largest problem. From childhood, our parents taught us that if we study, how should we study?We study hard. If we work, how we work? We work hard. We try to do everything hard in life. If we do everything hard things would not happen. It is like a donkey life. Just doing everything hard. Nobody told us, we must study with joy. Nobody told us, we must work in love. They told us, we must do it hard.

And just because we work hard things need not happen and they do not happen.

I tell you a joke:-

One day Santa’s old car wouldn’t start. So he went to his home and brought his kitten and harnessed it to the car and said,”go ‘let’s go’ ‘let’s go’.” People looked at this and said,”are you crazy Santa”. Santa said,” Don’t You fool yourself I have a horsewhip”.

So, if we believe we can do everything hard and it will work. It will not work just because we do it hard. We must do right things in a right manner only then it works. If we don’t do the right things in a right manner it doesn’t work.


On next day Santa fell into the septic tank.He tried to get out of the tank, but he couldn’t make it. So after a long time, he started screaming “fire help me” “fire help me”! The neighbors heard the fire screams and they called the fire brigade.After that fireman comes and looked everywhere and there is no fire.And then they found Santa in the septic tank and pulled him out of the tank and then they asked him why were you screaming that there is fire? Then Santa said, if I said, “‘shit’ ‘shit’ would you  come?”

So, people who are successful in their life, are successful not because they necessarily work hard. They are successful because they know what the right thing to do how to do it. That’s why they are successful in their life.

We just need to do the right thing otherwise it doesn’t work. So just working hard will not do, we must do the right things otherwise it doesn’t work.


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